CULTFINDER - Hell's Teeth mCD (wholesale)


"Following on from the hellfire clarion call of UK black-thrashers Cultfinder's 2012 debut Black Thrashing Terror EP (also on Eldritch Lunar Miasma), Hell's Teeth is a seven-track slab of equally violent metal madness. Comprising three re-recorded tracks from their 2011 demo tape plus two brand new punked-up anthems, this mCD release sees the trio continue to hone their catchy-as-syphilis, Nifelheim-via-Abigail-influenced chaos, barely reigning in the clattering, blasting mayhem for the occasional doom-laden interlude. A short, sharp hammer-smash to the senses, Hell's Teeth will light the Satanic fires of anyone who likes their black-metal nasty, fast and wholly unpretentious. BLACK THRASHING TERROR ETERNAL!"

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